Louis Cuthbert, 

celebrity/fashion photographer and image consultant, has taken quite a journey from his childhood days in Carson, California. Graduating from Carson High School, Louis relocated and continued his education at Riverside Community College. Studying business, graphic design and music, Louis took some of his semester-learned skills to the streets and began creating promotional material for local businesses.

Louis’s first business venture, Showbiz Prints, evolved into the now, Louis Cuthbert Photography: Image, Design, and Print. Specializing in producing, capturing, and editing still and motion images. Businesses, models, photographers, and others, now have access to a new advertising platform that takes still photography to another level. Incorporating motion photography and motion graphics the advertiser is capable reaching and capturing their audience’s attention for a longer duration of time, leaving a lasting impression.

With Atlanta as hi new home, Louis looks to impart his skills and services to the up and coming communities, creatives, and professionals of the ATL!

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